Jumat, 18 September 2015

Powerful Tips Counteracting Rasa Sleepiness

Drowsiness is a natural thing that is often experienced by every human being on the sidelines of activity and their work. Drowsiness attacked them certainly indicates that the body needs rest. Sleepiness usually bigger comes at night when all the activity has selali resolved, but not infrequently sleepiness can be attacked on the morning and afternoon. then how to solve it? Here are some powerful tips to ward off drowsiness that you can try.

Do not work with dim lighting
First tip is do not work with dimmer lighting. This is because the dim light can memcu person becomes more sleepy. Should choose a room with bright lighting. Bright lighting is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity and also an effective way to ward off drowsiness.

Providing healthy snacks
Nyemil also a way to avoid drowsiness, but in snacking should provide healthy food. Healthy foods that you can consume among other fruits. fruits rich in nutrients and vitamins are able to keep you from feeling tired and sleepy.

Stop staying up
One cause drowsiness in the morning and during the day is too often stayed up late at night. therefore we recommend you stop to do things that can degrade the quality of your sleep. and enough sleep early at night is a powerful solution to overcome sleepiness during the day.

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